3 Year Discount

This 3 Year Buy for Uni Variable Mortgage offers a discount of 0.90% off our standard variable rate, currently 5.34%, for a period of 3 years from completion, followed by our standard variable rate applicable at that time. The interest rate charged won't fall below 2%.

Initial rate Overall cost for
Max % LTV Completion
4.44% 5.2% APRC 80% £999 View

Representative example

A Mortgage of  £162,896.00, payable over 5 years (60 months) initially on a discounted rate for 3 years (36 months) of 4.44%  and then on our current standard variable rate of 5.34% for the remaining 2 years (24 months) would require 36 monthly payments of £602.72 then 24 monthly payments of £724.89.  This is based on an interest-only repayment method.  The total amount payable would be £204,068.85 made up of the loan amount plus interest (£39,698.85) and a £220.00 valuation fee, £999.00 completion fee, £30.00 CHAPS fee, £105.00 legal fees and £120.00 mortgage exit administration fee. The overall cost for comparison is 5.2% representative APRC.

Key Features


Minimum £90,000: Maximum £400,000

Loan to Value (LTV)

Maximum 80%  


Minimum 3 years: Maximum 7 years


This product is available to student applicants in full-time higher education to purchase accommodation for their own use in their City/Town of study. This property must be in mainland England and Wales, and;

All applications are subject to the Society’s general lending criteria, property value and satisfactory status enquiries. This product is a limited edition and can't be guaranteed until an application has been received.  


This mortgage product is not portable.

Important Information

The interest rate charged won't fall below 2%.

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