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The Moss Family, New Exhibition at Loughborough Library

Friday 14th January 2022

To commemorate the Moss Family, who where an integral part of Loughborough’s local history, Loughborough Library Local Studies Volunteers are presenting an exhibition at Loughborough Library Local and Family History Centre from 13th January to the 27th March 2022.

The Moss Family were builders of national repute, building landmarks such as the Carillon in Loughborough. They also set up many well-known local businesses including Moss Solicitors, Moss Butchers, and Archie Moss Cars and four members of the family went on to become the Mayor of Loughborough.

This fascinating exhibition will show the lives and works of this renowned local family including displays that show examples of the buildings that they constructed across the Country.

The exhibition is free and open to the public during Loughborough Library’s open hours.

For information on Loughborough Library including its open hours visit