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Save to Buy
Key Features
  • Minimum monthly deposit: £50.
  • Maximum monthly deposit: £500.
  • Total maximum investment over a 12 month period: £6,000 (lump sum deposits are not allowed).
  • Save up to £24,000 in this account, subject to an overall member limit of £750,000.
  • Available to individuals or joint account holders aged 18 and over in their own names. Can't be opened by non-UK residents, Trusts or by adults on behalf of children. Restricted to LE, NG & DE postcodes and existing members only.
  • A passbook will be issued when the account is opened.
  • Savers who have met the terms and conditions will be eligible for a cashback equivalent to 5% of the closing balance in the account (up to a maximum of £1200 per mortgage completion).
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