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Guide to Moving Home

Finding a new mortgage

If you’re moving home and looking for a mortgage, you’ll want a mortgage that suits your budget, lifestyle and future plans. At The Loughborough you’ll be given the name and number of a dedicated Adviser who will help you through the application process right up until you get the keys in your hand. They’ll keep you up to date at each step, but you’re still bound to have questions, and when you do, you’ll know exactly who to contact. 

Costs of moving home

As well as your new mortgage fees, there are several other costs to factor in when you’re moving house, including: 

Legal fees: a solicitor will check that there are no claims on the property and the title deeds are in order and they’ll also arrange for searches, prepare contracts and transfer of funds. 

Removal costs: you’ll probably want to pay for a removal company or hire a van. 

Other costs might include Stamp Duty and Valuation Fees.

Completing on your new home

With all the paperwork out of the way, it’s time to move into your new home.

Four weeks before moving

  • Have you confirmed the date you’ll be moving in?
  • Have you booked time off work? 
  • Have you started thinking about and planning your removal?  
  • Get more than one removals quote 
  • Does your home contents insurance cover you for the move? 
  • If not, have you arranged for separate cover? 
  • Have you put together a moving pack with all the essentials you’ll need such as a kettle, mugs, light bulbs, toilet paper? 
  • Have you let all your telephone, utility companies, bank and other key parties know when you are moving?

Two weeks before moving

  • Have you told your local authority your new address and moving date?
  • Have you redirected your post?
  • Have you arranged to take over the phone in your new home?
  • Contact the phone line operator to see if you can keep the line switched on and avoid any reconnection charges

One week before moving

  • Have you packed the majority of your items?
  • Do you know what time you’ll be able to move?
  • Have you confirmed all the details with your removal company?
  • Have you asked the previous owners to show you where the gas, electricity and water meters are, and where you can find the fuse box and stopcocks?
  • Are all the window and door keys labeled and easily available?

Day before moving

  • Have you packed a moving day survival kit with all you need such as tea and coffee?
  • Have you settled all your bills?

Completion day checklist

  • Has your conveyancer transferred payment to the seller?  If you have a mortgage, this money will have been sent from your lender to your conveyancer.
  • Have you received the keys to the property?
  • Has your conveyancer received the Transfer Deed, originals of any important documents, and registered you as the owner?
  • Has your conveyancer completed a tax return to pay the Stamp Duty Land Tax? You’ll need to sign this before sending
  • Read the meters in your new and old homes

Buying and selling your home

If you already own a home and want to move, you’ll probably need to sell the one you’re in before you can really start to think about moving. 
Take the time to research current prices and check out your competition by regularly consulting property websites that gather the details of homes for sale.

Get rid of clutter and try to present your decor as a blank canvas, making it easier for potential buyers to imagine what they’d want to do with your property.  Brush up your property’s kerbside appeal – clean windows, clear rubbish, put an attractive plant outside the front door, whatever it takes to create a great first impression.

As buying a new home is probably the biggest financial commitment you can make, it’s important to think carefully before deciding on the location and style of property you want.  Don’t rush into buying even if you see a property you like. Take the time to view a number of homes so that you are sure the one you finally commit to is the right property for you at the right price.

If you require any further information or guidance about moving property please get in touch here