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Initial Disclosure Residential Advised

Before we get started I want to explain a little information about the service I’ll provide. You’ll receive a copy of this with your application.

•              The Loughborough Building Society is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority & the Prudential Regulation Authority.

•              We provide an advised service – this means I’ll advise and make a recommendation based on your current needs and circumstances and any foreseeable changes to your future circumstances.

•              There is no fee for my advice, however there may be fees associated with the product recommended.

•              We only offer Loughborough Building Society products therefore I can’t discuss mortgages from any other providers.

•              We’ll provide you with an illustration within 5 working days. You may request an illustration for any product for which you are eligible.

•              We have a complaints procedure in place. Please come back to us in the first instance, but if you’re not satisfied with the way that we resolve your complaint, you may have the right to refer to the Financial Ombudsman Service. 

•              Do you have any questions? Are you happy to proceed?