Grow your savings
With a higher rate of interest

Limited access

If you are saving for something special and don't need immediate or easy access to your savings, then watch your savings grow with a higher rate of interest with one of our limited access accounts.

Saving accounts with limited access

Account name Minimum Balance AER Gross

50 Day Notice 2

£50 or more 0.25% 0.25% find out more

One Year Fixed Rate Bond Issue 94

£5,000 or more 0.60% 0.60% find out more

Two Year Fixed Rate Members Bond Issue 3

£500 or more 0.90% 0.90% find out more

How to apply...

Opening an account is easy and you can do that in any of our branches or by post.

Before choosing an account you should read the product information to enable you to choose the one that's right for you.  Once you've made your decision, the 'How to apply' section of your chosen product will provide all the guidance you need to make and application.