A flexible home for your savings
With access when you need it

Easy access

If you’re looking for a safe place for your savings and want the flexibility of having access to your money whenever you need it, then an easy access account might be the answer.

Our easy access options offer you a straightforward savings account that gives you the flexibility to pay money in and take it out when you want.

Available only to new members residing in the LE, DE & NG postcodes and existing members

Savings accounts with easy access

Account name Minimum Balance AER Gross


£10 or more 0.50% 0.50% find out more

Instant Access

£10 or more 0.20% 0.20% find out more

Instant Access Cash ISA 3

£1 or more 0.75% 0.75% find out more

How to apply...

Opening an account is easy and you can do that in any of our branches or by post.

Simply download, print and complete the application form of the account you choose. Then return your completed form, necessary identification and opening cheque to your preferred branch or post it to Loughborough Building Society, 6 High Street, Loughborough, LE11 2QB.  

Cheques must be payable to the account holder.

For postal applications we will accept photocopy identification documents as long as they are certified by an appropriate person such as a solicitor, accountant, bank or building society official or other financial services approved person and we are provided with sufficient information to be able to contact that person.

You should also read the Financial Service Compensation Information Sheet and our General Terms and Conditions.