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Existing borrowers

Moving home

Moving home is an important decision and can be both exciting and sometimes stressful. It’ll be important to you to find the right property and location and we can find you the right mortgage to suit your needs and circumstances.

Borrow more

If you want to improve your home or raise money for specified purposes we're here to help you.

Just call us on 01509 631950 to talk to one of our friendly qualified Advisers or visit one of our branches to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, you can request a call-back at a time convenient to you.

Change your mortgage

What happens at the end of the discounted or fixed rate period?

Your rate will revert to our standard variable interest rate for the remainder of the term. However, we will contact you shortly before this happens to let you know what your new payment is. If you’re eligible, you may be able to transfer to a different mortgage product.

Experiencing financial difficulty

At The Loughborough we understand that there may be times when you could be facing difficulties in making your mortgage payments.

Should you be experiencing financial difficulties or think you might not be able to meet your mortgage repayment now or in the future it is important that you contact us without delay on 01509 631952. 

Our Mortgage Service team is available from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.  Your call will be answered personally by one of our friendly and trained team members who will work with you to understand your individual circumstances and to try to agree a solution that meets your needs.   

You can also find practical advice in this booklet produced by the Money Advice Trust and the Building Societies Association.

How to apply...

The Loughborough mortgage service is tailored to each individual and offered on a fully advised basis where applicable. Our qualified advisers will spend time with you to understand your mortgage needs and financial circumstances before recommending the most suitable solution for you.

There are a number of ways you can arrange to talk to one of our friendly team of Advisers, choose what’s best for you: