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FAQ for policy holders affected by Royal & Sun Alliance’s (RSA) decision to no longer sell home insurance.

Why have RSA stopped providing Home insurance?

RSA announced on the 7th December 2023, that Intact and RSA have reached an agreement with Admiral Group plc (Admiral) to acquire RSA’s direct Personal Lines MORE THAN Home and Pet businesses. RSA will also exit the remaining personal lines business. Your policy sits within our wider Personal lines business. RSA are no longer underwriting any personal home insurance, this will impact you from your policy end date.

Does RSA’S decision to no longer sell home insurance affect my current insurance policy?

No, the current policy will continue unaffected until the policy end date. You’ll still be able to make changes and claim as normal up until that date. RSA will write to you about your policy and when this will end.

What if my policy is cancelled before the policy end date?

If your policy is cancelled before the policy end date, RSA are unable to reinstate the policy, you’ll need to find alternative cover elsewhere. RSA can only reinstate policies in exceptional circumstances, and you would need to contact RSA to discuss this.

What if I have an outstanding claim, who do I need to contact in future?

If you made a claim before the policy end date, you should contact RSA about it, and they will be able to help you. RSA will continue to deal with your claim as normal through to resolution. This includes claims that may take a longer time to resolve such as subsidence or storm damage claims. If you have need to claim after the renewal date, you’ll no longer be covered by RSA and will need to contact your new insurer.

What if I need to report a new claim, who do I need to contact?

If the incident happens before your policy end date, you should report the claim to RSA. If the incident happens after your policy end date, you should report it to your new insurance provider.

Do I need to advise my future insurance provider that RSA chose not to renew my policy?

No, this is RSA’s decision which does not need to be disclosed as ‘a refusal to offer insurance’. This is not a reflection on you as an individual and affects all our RSA home insurance customers in the same way.

I have tried to get a quote elsewhere and can’t get insurance, what do I need to do?

Customers who are struggling to obtain insurance can contact BIBA – BIBA Homepage – British Insurance Brokers’ Association you’ll be able to search online for Home insurance providers and can be contacted by telephone on 0370 950 1790. Alternatively, Loughborough Building Society have an arrangement with Pure Protect Ltd who you can contact for a quote, their details can be found at

What if I’m not happy about my insurance lapsing and want to stay with RSA.

We fully understand the customers dissatisfaction however RSA will no longer be offering Personal Home insurance. There isn’t another product available with RSA, you’ll need to find alternative cover.

For more information please contact RSA by phone on 0345 3197070