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Access x3 Cash ISA

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Access x3 Cash ISA
£10 or more
Access x3 Cash ISA
£10 or more
  • Minimum opening amount and balance £10.00.
  • Maximum balance of £150,000.
  • Save up to the maximum subscription for the tax year. For tax year 2023/24 the maximum is £20,000.
  • Available to new members and existing members aged 16 years and over residing in the United Kingdom.
  • A passbook will be issued when the account is opened.
Summary Box
Account NameAccess x3 Cash ISA
What is the Interest Rate?
    • Interest is variable and the rate is currently 4.05% Gross/AER*
    • Interest is calculated daily and paid annually on 5 April.
    • Interest can be added to the account, paid to a bank or another Loughborough Building Society account (except other ISAs).
    • For a full list of our current interest rates click here.
Can the Loughborough Building Society change the Interest Rate?
    • We may change interest rates at any time.
    • For further information about why we may change the rate and how we will tell you about a change, please refer to section 7.4 of the Society’s General Terms and Conditions.
What would the estimated balance be after 12 months based on a £1,000 deposit?
    • Based on the current interest rate, if you deposit £1,000 in this account, after 12 months you will have £1,040.50.
    • Please note that these projections are provided for illustration purposes only and assume that no changes take place on the account after the initial deposit is made.
How do I open and manage my account?
    • To open an account you need to provide a completed application form, the minimum investment, proof of your identity and address.
    • Minimum Balance £10.00
    • Maximum Balance £150,000
    • Save up to the maximum subscription for the tax year. For tax year 2023/24 the maximum is £20,000.
    • ISA Transfers are accepted into this account up to a maximum of the account maximum balance.
    • Only one of this account type per customer permitted.
    • If the maximum amount is invested and a withdrawal is made, further funds can’t be added to replace those withdrawn.
    • Available to new members and existing members aged 16 years and over, residing in the United Kingdom.
    • This account can be operated via branch and post.
    • A passbook will be issued when it is opened.
Can I withdraw money?
    • Instant access withdrawals permitted 3 times per tax year subject to the Society’s daily limits. This includes partial balance transfers to another provider.
    • Closure or the transfer of the total account balance to another provider is permitted even if the 3 withdrawals have been made.
    • A passbook must be presented when a withdrawal is requested.
Additional Information
    • Tax-free.
    • This is not a Flexible ISA.

What you need to know about ISAs

To make the most of tax-free savings you should fully understand how an ISA works.  We recommend you read our guide which will give you important information to help you decide if our Cash ISA is right for you.

Terms and Conditions

Before opening this account please read our General Terms and Conditions.


Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  The FSCS can pay compensation to depositors if a building society is unable to meet its financial obligations.  It’s important that you read the FSCS Information Sheet. It provides basic information about the protection of your savings deposits.

Opening an account is easy and you can do that in any of our branches or by post.

Simply download, print and complete the application form.  Then return your completed form, necessary identification and opening cheque or completed ISA Transfer Authority Form to your preferred branch or post it to Loughborough Building Society, 6 High Street, Loughborough LE11 2QB.

Cheques must be payable to the account holder.

For postal applications we will accept photocopy or scanned documents, not photographs. The copy must be a clear, readable version of the full original document.

You should read all the product information to ensure this account is right for you and also the Financial Services Compensation Scheme Information Sheet and our General Terms and Conditions.

Download an application form