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Anstey Lunch Club – Christmas Meal Raffle

Friday 8th December 2023

To spread some seasonal cheer, our Anstey branch arranged a raffle with donations going towards a local lunch club’s Christmas Meal.

With some people feeling a bit lonely in the local community, especially in the winter months, Anstey resident Elizabeth decided to set up a lunch club so residents can chat to others with a hot meal once a week.

As Elizabeth holds the Lunch Club’s savings account with the Society, she regularly visits our branch and speaks to our team at Anstey.

For some, Christmas is one of the loneliest times of the year, and with the festive season just around the corner, our Branch Manager Katie decided to help Elizabeth and the Lunch Club put together a Christmas meal for their community.

To raise funds for the Christmas meal, Anstey put on a raffle in the branch.

The local Tesco at Beaumont Leys and their community champion kindly donated 2 prizes to the raffle and the Anstey team donated 12 chocolate Reindeers.

With help from our members and the local Anstey community, the branch was able to raise a fantastic £117 pounds.

This donation will not only help the Lunch Club provide a full Christmas meal to its members, but it will also pay for crackers, napkins and small gifts for each member.

With help from the Loughborough, members of the Lunch Club, will be able to enjoy a Christmas meal with others this year.