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Generator Hall Crowdfunder (#GeneratorCrowdfunder)

Wednesday 5th April 2023

Generator Loughborough CIC crowdfunded throughout the month of March to raise funds for the restoration of the Generator Hall in Loughborough Town Centre. (Crowdfunding is where a project or venture is funded by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount).

They successfully hit their crowdfunding target at the end of the month, raising a massive £27,109 with 356 supporters contributing throughout the month.

These funds will help restore the Generator Hall on Packe Street, Loughborough and create a new arts and culture hub for the town.

Once open, the Generator Hall will host events at a scale currently not possible in town including:

  • Comedy, Dance and Drama Performances
  • Live music
  • Exhibitions
  • Art festivals
  • Seminars
  • Heritage events


That’s not all, The Architectural Heritage Fund will double the money raised throughout the month, up to a total of £25k, meaning that this Crowdfunder will generate over £50k for the project and the town.

The money will go towards essential work such repairing the roof, adding insulation and soundproofing. It’s hoped that building works will start in 2023, with plans to open the venue in 2024.

For more information on the Generator project visit